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Vivian Corporation works closely with  suppliers of leading brands within the industry such as Arstana (Chicco), Heinz Italia (Plasmon baby food), Pfizer Nutrition (SMA Nutrition), Bioderma (ABCDerm) and Pelam Foods (Plum Baby Food). Each of these brands is managed by a team of dedicated marketing and scientific professionals at Vivian Corporation who ensure that a mother's needs are taken care of. The co-marketing of these brands has led to an incredible synergy, capitalising on the shared costs of marketing activities whilst benefiting exponentially from the results.  

In March 2010, the company opened a new children's fashion outlet that covers 140 square metres of high-end retail space at The Point, a smart shopping centre in Sliema. Amongst a broad selection of brands on offer, Vivian's retail outlet represents the Chicco Fashion Collection for children aged between 0 and 12.