Date: 28/07/2017 13:12:00



Vivian Corporation is pleased to announce the signing of an exclusive distribution agreement with one of Italy`s largest growing well-being companies, POOL PHARMA.


The phrase `da POOL PHARMA in farmacia` has gone viral all over Italy as right from their infancy POOL PHARMA believed in investing heavily to communicate the well-being message through TV advertorials and endorsements of various sport events, most notably digital banners during Italian Serie A matches with some of their top brands such as MG.K.VIS.


POOL PHARMA are amongst the first companies to develop food supplements for the Italian market. The development of the iconic MG.K.VIS involved intense research which ultimately led to the development of one of the most renowned products in Italy which includes a unique combination of vitamins and minerals to ensure the right balance of salt and energy content within one`s body.


The MG.K.VIS product range which includes sachets and drinks for children and adults are perfectly designed to meet every individual`s needs; a concentration of well-being not only for persons with active lifestyles but as an everyday supplement to improve vitality.


The owner of the company Giorgio Pizzoni, nicknamed `Mister Energia` has always sustained that we all need well-being in order to live well and this has always been the company`s ethos right from the start.


Commenting on the launch of MG.K.VIS in Malta, Vivian Corporation`s Healthcare Marketing Manager, Yan Grima mentioned that Vivian Corporation shares POOL PHARMA`s enthusiasm in well-being and will be mirroring campaigns conducted in Italy.


The MG.K.VIS range by POOL PHARMA which include sachets and drinks are available in all pharmacies. More of POOL PHARMA`s brands will be available locally in the coming months.


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