Become a Partner

The Gatt family actively manages the company together with a growing team of industry professionals who operate alongside over 100 staff.  Honest hard work has reaped its rewards both financially as well as in terms of goodwill; Vivian Corporation enjoys a high level of loyalty from a large and varied customer base. The benefits of doing business with the company include the company's specialist knowledge, its warehousing, its refrigerated transport and its distribution networks.

Distribution Networks

Vivian Corporation services various retail outlets including  pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, supermarkets, groceries and mini-markets, restaurants and bars, beauty shops and salons, and wholesalers with a fleet of temperature controlled vehicles managed from the warehouse. To maintain a firm grip on quality control, the company does not outsource delivery services to third parties.


Goods are stored in temperature and security controlled sections according to the type of goods. Logistics make a solid contribution to the easy flow of goods in and out of the centrally located warehouse that lies adjacent to the offices.

Specialist knowledge

The company is a leading distributing and marketing organisation handling more than 60 brands for the Malta and Gozo market in 5 distinct industry sectors: Retail, Cosmetics and Toiletries, Food & Beverage, Babycare and Healthcare. Specialist knowledge in these areas are thanks to the qualified personnel including pharmacists, technicians and qualified sales and marketing staff.