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Balocco Wafers represents a tradition in confectionery and quality as well as innovation and creativity. The history of the company is intertwined with that of the family who, for three generations, have shared the love for their work to make a sweeter life for millions of consumers all over the world.
Cielo e Terra
Misura - which is Malta’s No.1 functional food brand - forms part of this successful Italian company based in Milan. Vivian Corporation’s relationship with Misura had started way before its acquisition from Colussi. In fact we have been distributors of this health brand for over 2 decades promoting its long standing whole wheat products to all the new dynamic products Misura has created through the years.
Conserve Italia based in Bologna, is the mother company of Cirio, Yoga and Derby which we market locally in the Retail and Catering distribution channels. The top quality products are all cultivated in various parts of Italy by farmers that form part of this huge cooperative which is Conserve Italia. Our relationship has been ongoing for the past 15 years and has never stopped growing! We have dealt with many Export Managers but always kept a very positive and open relationship with all of them which is part of the success story we have with this great Italian company.
D&D Italia – D’Amico was founded in 1967. The company specializes in the production of preserved vegetables in the south central region of Italy where the company is characterized by its growing presence in overseas markets. The Specialità product range, for example, is increasingly popular with consumers and business operators alike. This success can be attributed to our rigorous attention to consumers’ needs as well our dedication to the discovery of new flavours and ingredients. D'Amico's products are available to the retail sector as well as the catering and food service sectors.
Alcar Uno was created 50 years ago in the heart of Emilia Romagna region where the art of making sausages has ancient roots. It is a tradition handed down from father to son. The heart of the activity is represented by the processing hams. The various stages of processing are based on a flexible manufacturing system that is able to ensure the customization of the cuts and to satisfy the different needs of industry charcuterie. Alcar Uno has, over the years, expanded its facilities, technology and sales network, to become a leader within the EU pig meat industry.
Giacosa Fratelli
Grande Salumifici Italiani
Vivian Corporation has been working with Heinz Italia (previously know as Plada Alimentari) for over 43 years. Vivian Corporation is the distributor in Malta of Plasmon, Bi-Aglut and Aproten for Heinz. Through this collaboration, Vivian has become the leading baby food distributor in Malta and Gozo with the leading brand Plasmon.
Italian Food & Cheese was born in Parma at the heart of the Italian food industry, thanks to the long experience of a group of people who love good food and good cuisine, and who are fond of keeping - and giving - the right value to the food traditions of the country. IFC manufactures the production of spreads obtained by transforming the best Italian POD cheeses. IFC offers the highest quality and food assurance guarantees at the best price conditions for shipments within Italy and overseas.
Lete Water takes its name from the legendary infernal river which, according to mythology, was the gift of producing forgetfulness of past life. The waters for this acqua product stemmed from the River Lethe that originates at a height of 1,028 meters in the Matese Regional Park, a beautiful natural setting. The river touches the territory of Pratella where the company's sources are located.
Pietro Coricelli
Established in1872 by spirited entrepreneur, Fausto Polli, the Polli Group made a reputation for itself in the preserved vegetable production sector, establishing itself as a leading player in both national and international markets. Polli's success stems from its dedication to production quality and its passion for business. The company has risen to become one of the major players in the Italian and international agricultural and food industry. It has achieved this by selecting the best raw materials, controlling the entire production process, working with advanced packaging systems, and producing a variety of typical foodstuffs with a distinctly Italian flair.
In Italy, the brand has become synonymous with Scotti rice. Currently, Riso Scotti distributes its products in 60 countries worldwide and 5 continents, relying on strong partnerships with talented local players.

Villa Sandi is an exquisite Palladian-style villa dating back to 1622, located at the foot of the Marca Trevigiana hills, between the D.O.C. & D.O.C.G areas of Prosecco di Valdobbiadene and Montello e Piave. The Villa represents the combination of art and agriculture which has characterized the Venetian landscape for centuries.

Today the Villa is owned by the Moretti Polegato family and is the headquarters of Villa Sandi winery.  Devoted to the wine culture for three generations, the Moretti Polegato family handed down from father to son the ancient tradition of winemaking on a land suitable for growing both white and red varieties. 

The versatile Proseccos from Villa Sandi are ideal accompaniments for a variety of cuisines and courses.  Whether served as an aperitif, or at the end of a meal, or any course in between, the natural acidity and fresh taste lightly compliments, but never over-powers, a meal. Villa Sandi offers wines for every occasion; from the everyday approachability of the Prosecco IGT, to the innovative Claxa, or “the cooler bottle,” to the special Cuvee, a real cru made in the heart of the Prosecco DOC area—there is a style for every occasion.  In addition, Villa Sandi produces extraordinary still wines, such as the rare Còrpore, made from Merlot and Cabernet Franc, and the Marinali Rosso, a reserve wine refined for at least twelve months in French barriques.

The Enological team at Villa Sandi is dedicated to producing the best wines possible, and with the support of Riccardo Cotarella, one of Italy’s most famous Enologists, Villa Sandi has created wines that are considered as some of the finest wines in both Italy and the world.


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